Saturday, November 22, 2008

The First Kids-Elect Get a New School

My Public/ Private/Home Schooled Mutts beat up your Elitist Private School Kids

Well, not really. My youngest who is 13 could not fight her way out of a wet paper bag.

My children, due to a variety of circumstances, have experienced public, private, and home schooling. All have their merits (with public school having the least), but the difference between us and the majority of other parents is that we have always had a choice. Those whose finances preclude a parent staying home to teach or private school tuition are at a serious disadvantage to those who do not need vouchers to afford them the same choices.

Obama has repeatedly stated that he is against school vouchers for the less advantaged yet, when given the choice to refute the "don't so as I do - do as I say" accusations, he and his wife chose private school for their daughters.

There has been many an argument that this is for security reasons. Hogwash. How is some ritzy private school any safer than a public school that probably already has metal detectors in place? If armed terrorists want to get into a school, it doesn't matter how many gatekeepers sitting at a desk are in place. Secret Service protection will be in place no matter where they go to school outside of the confines of The Whitehouse grounds, which itself has 24/7 Secret Service protection.

While admirable that the Obamas want the best education money can buy for their own children, it isdisingenuous at best to deny the same education for the "have nots" while justifying a large part of the decision as "security".

This is the "change we can believe in"?

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  1. I know this is old, but I just recently found you, so....

    Obama *claims* to be against school vouchers because they only help a few students, due to space constrictions, etc.

    So. His solution is to help NO students.

    Good job, asshole.

    I wish he'd just be straight about it and say, "I can't support school vouchers because I sold my soul to the teacher's unions."

    I'd still hate him, but at least I could respect his honesty.