Monday, February 16, 2009

WAHHHHH!!! What happened to Bipartisanship?

I got into it today with someone on another site whining about the lack of bipartisanship which is, as many of us know, a euphemism for "will the other side please now roll over".
The Democrats are going to have to eventually grow up and realize that they have the White House, a huge majority in congress, a huge majority in the senate, and a water carrying media. At some point in time, they are going to need to stop bitching and whining about the Republicans and take ownership of potentially disastrous legislation they push through knowing that the other side wants no part of it.
And if you think about it, several Democrats voted against it. So in effect there was some of that hallowed bipartisanship going on there from the beginning.

In short, one should not have to compromise their basic values and principles all for the sake of making a few people feel good about "bipartisanship". This is a government - not the land of magical rainbows and gold farting unicorns where eveyone holds hands and dances to Disney tunes.

Working together for the common good need not require one to vote against their conscience. It requires compromise and other than a few small concessions (some that were added back in), the Dems were not having any of that. As I stated earlier they KNOW they have control of the White House, Congress, and the Senate. They just didn't have the kind of PR they wanted/expected. There are people out here who aren't stupid.
Always stand your ground for what you believe in. Always.

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