Sunday, June 7, 2009

My New Attached at the Hip Buddy

Meet Ike. He is an Australian Blue Heeler we inherited from a friend who rescued him from a breeder whose kennels were destroyed during Hurricane Ike last Fall. We only lost our fence so we count ourselves lucky. After a few weeks our friend couldn't keep him due to living in an apartment, so we took him on.

I'm not really a fan of big dogs so I went into this relationship with a healthy dose of skepticism. For the past several months he's been an outside dog along with Cocker Spaniel, Lily. Lily required a lot of time and attention that we just didn't have so we adopted her out last week to the family of my daughter's friend who has a houseful of people and 2 indoor dogs. Apparently it is a match made in heaven and a good decision on our part.

Ike is actually Toad's dog and hangs out with him quite a bit in the Man Room (see below for an explanation). Now that it is just him we have been letting him hang out in the house and so far we have been pretty lucky accident wise.

In a strange turn of events, he has turned traitor on Toad and would rather hang out with me in the house. He has Squeakers, his plush hedgehog, his tennis ball, and his cushion with the Dallas Cowboys t-shirt cover. What more could a dog need? I diplomatically tell Toad that it's probably the fact that the inside is air conditioned but we both know the truth...I'm


  1. Welcome to the world of a Dog Queen.

    Both of my dogs follow me everywhere. I. go.

    Once, I got up to get some juice. As is their habit, both dogs followed me into the kitchen and back. I decided the juice sucked, so i went to get a soda. They both hopped up and followed me up the stairs and down again.

    Stu said, "That's so weird... You're like Willard and his army of rats..."

    I said I prefer to be a dog queen with minions.

  2. That's funny. I only have one minion at this point but it's really fun to play with Toad. If he coaxes Ike to the Man Room, I will surreptitiously step on Squeakers the Hedgehog which will bring him running back inside.

    I am so mean.

  3. One minion is all you need to get started...

  4. In a Pinky and the Brain moment I am suddenly rubbing my hands together and making plans to rule the world.......

    Must....find.....more.....minions.... Do compliant children count?

  5. I don't know... I've never met a compliant child... only dogs in this kingdom...

    BWA HA HA HA!!!!

  6. I think I will just recruit democrats. They love being told what to do. I will offer them free opinions and orders. They love free stuff too.