Thursday, July 2, 2009

Patty Pan Squash

Lani from Monday Crazy Questions asked in my Thursday Thunks comments if there is such a thing as the "Patty Pan Squash" I referred to in one of the questions. My answer: "why yes - there is".

The Toad and I grew up in Southern California and this was common at the local grocer:

It could be chunked up and cooked the same way that you would cook zuchinni or yellow crookneck squash, or it could be hollowed out and stuffed which is quite pretty:

I've rarely seen it in the Houston area and have not had much luck growing summer squash in general. It has a very mild taste and goes with just about anything so if you see it at the grocer, pick some up and give it a try!


  1. OMG I do not believe it.. I have NEVER seen that! OMG I am freakin LOL WOW what is it stugffee with? It Looks delish!
    I am in Nebreaska..wouldn't ya think we'd have that??? I am gonna have to see if anyone carries it. But what do you stuff it with or how do you fix it>??? The only squash I ever do is acorn with cin , sugar and maple syrup..baked/.
    thanks for posting this!!! (and sending an email so I'd find it! :-)

  2. Lani,

    I have had it stuffed with a multitude of things, but the most common was simple bread stuffing. I've also had it stuffed with mushrooms and breadcrumbs, and sausage and breadcrumbs. It's truly a great outlet for using your imagination. My stepmother used to hollow out large zucchini split longways and stuff them with stewed tomatoes and cheddar cheese. In al cases, bake on a cookie sheet until a knife can easily pierce the squash. YUM!