Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thursday Thunks - Aunt Cranky's Maiden Voyage

Thursday Thunks -

1. When you close a door, do you close it quick and just let it slam or do you hold the knob and slowly shut it tight?

I am usually a slow and tight gal but if I get in a lather about something there may be some slamming going on.

2.Train A is moving at 60 miles an hour. Train B is moving at 22 miles an hour. They will pass each other at X time. Now what color shoes are you wearing when train A derails?

Black with a classy short heel. Toad insists you cannot tell my shoes apart but we women know better.

3. What if M&M's grew on trees? What color M&M tree would you have?

Brown. Growing up I had myself fooled into thinking they tasted more chocolatey. Maybe a small green one for the bedroom. =o)

4. How many petals on a flower does it take to make it the perfect bloom?

ACK! Brain freeze! Ask me about vegetables.

5. I took you to spend $421.67 on you, what did we spend that money on?

Meat for the freezer. I am a practical shopper.

6. If you were a squash, what type of squash would you be?

Patty pan. I just like saying it.

7. Have you ever gotten a wrong number call and ended up talking to the person for longer than 5 minutes?

You would have to kill me first. I hate talking on the phone.

8. Why haven't you joined Berleen & Kimber at Insanity Cafe yet? Do we stink?

Just found you. Give us some time to bond.......

9. Now for one of Ber's questions back when TT was brand new... Shampoo bottles say lather, rinse, repeat... do you?

Having demonically frizzy hair, I barely lather once, rinse, and apply an insane amount of conditioner.

10. It's July, the year is half over. Do you see it as "whew that part is over" or best is yet to come?

I live in Houston. I say "damn it's hot!".

11. Why do you do the Thursday Thunks meme?

I'm not sure yet. We'll see how this plays out.


  1. Welcome to the thunking community! It looks like we have some very similar ideas...

    I lived in Dallas for the first 34 years of my existence, so I can relate to #10. You'll hate me for telling you this, but it's 55 degrees right now... I took the dogs out earlier, and put on a sweater when I went out to get them. A sweater! On July 1! We haven't even turned the air conditioners on yet... unbelievable, no?

  2. I don't hate you because we are on an unexpected extension of our Galveston trip and the breeze off the water makes this place bearable. I cannot imagine 55 degrees in July. My head would explode.

  3. It's been awesome so far this year! 75 - 80 degrees during the day... 55 - 65 degrees at night. Warm enough for shorts and sandals, but cool enough to sleep without gasping for air...

    I've been to Galveston a few times, my cousins lived in Houston, so we spent part of the summer with them, and they spent the rest of it with us. Some vacation, huh? Hot to hotter and back again.

    My favorite Galveston trip was when I and my then-husband rented a beach house on Crystal Beach with another couple and we took all of our dogs along...

  4. I'm still at a loss for words for Squeakers!!!! Get a P I hired, please. Put out an All points bulletin.

    My answers for T Thunks [silly as they are] are posted. Come on over if you can take your hand off the door knob long enough.

  5. Meat in your freezer? Interesting answer.

  6. LOL We bond quick!

    Love the green tree in your bedroom!!!

    great answers! Happy Thursday.

  7. Thanks for all the responses! My internet connection in Galveston is dicey but I will try to make it over to all of your TT's.

  8. LOL good answers!
    Is there a patty pan squash? :-)

    It's nice to know there is an aunt crankie for me to come tell my troubles to!!

    would love to have you visit Monday Crazy Questions