Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Shoes!

Those who know me well know what a big deal this is. When I find a comfortable pair of shoes, I am guilty of wearing them until they literally fall apart. When at home I am almost always barefoot because I have such issues with shoes fitting comfortably due to my arches being extremely high.

I share this because for $18.00 and a trip to Walmart, anyone else similarly afflicted can get a pair of sandals with fantastic arch support that are so comfortable I don't feel the need to take them off in the house.

The brand is "Earth Spirit". They are supposedly biodegradable (not that I care as long as they don't degrade on my feet) with super soft and cushy insoles and some kind of hard flexible sole. The straps are wide elastic and don't rub the achilles tendon the wrong way.

At my local store they come in light tan, brown, and black. I opted for brown because I wear jeans or khakis every day for work.

Why sandals so early in the year, you might ask? I hate sweaty feet and, although it is still quite chilly in Vegas, the sun coming through the windows heats our office to the point that we have to turn on the A/C even when it is 45 degrees outside. I can't WAIT to see what it's going to be like in this office once summer gets here.



  1. You need some of those light blocking drapes that hotels have... those sandals are pretty cute. I need some cute flats for my summer skirts.

  2. Unfortunately our company policy is blinds open during the day. Once summer gets here we are going to have to revisit this. I refuse to bake like a turkey in the name of commerce.